who inspires you?
Some people devote their lives to acts of kindness - now, through this 4:inspiration campaign, 
you can show your appreciation for these heroes. Vote for the one that inspires you most and 
help them continue to make a difference.
Each vote enters you for a chance to win a trip to the second annual unite4:humanity gala, presented in conjunction with Variety. Learn more here


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Gussie at the mosque

meet Augusta DeLisi

june's unite4:good 4:inspiration winner

Click here to learn how Augusta DeLisi has worked to rescue, rehabilitate, and re-home dogs that had nowhere else to turn.
why we’re here.
Since our beginning, unite4:good has held a strong belief in the power of good. We are convinced that supporting positive local efforts does more than provide temporary solutions. We believe that every good deed moves us one step closer to a better world, one in which acts of kindness and decency are part of everyday life. Click here to read more about our project, and the 4:inspiration campaign. read more.
unite4:good is a groundbreaking, new movement to inspire and empower positive, global change through acts of kindness. By creating new programs and uniting individuals and organizations in innovative ways, we are igniting positive and lasting change on a global scale. unite4:good is encouraging everyone to inspire, empower, share, and love. read more.